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Trading conditions at PrimeXBT

Margin Copy-trading
Minimum deposit 0.01 BTC
Assets Crypto 41, FX 50, CFD 14 Crypto 41, FX 50, CFD 14
Spreads From 0 From 0
Commission From 0,0001% From 0,0001%
Execution Market Market
Execution speed up to 20 ms up to 20 ms
Order types Limit, Stop, OCO, Market Limit, Stop, OCO, Market
Promo Promocodes, Account status
Following No Yes
Following min amount 0.001 BTC
Following entry fee 1%
COV Utility No Yes

Minimum deposit

Minimum deposit is the lowest amount with which our clients can activate the copy-trading platform and start duplicating deals. In this case, PrimeXBT offers customer-oriented conditions since the capabilities of our copy trading module become accessible once the processing of the deposit of only 0.001 BTC or equivalent in other accepted cryptocurrencies is completed.

CCY Balance

CCY Balance stands for the cryptocurrency balance. This term refers to assets in which clients are allowed to stake. Similar to the original exchange, the Covesting module accepts only digital coins.


Assets are the accessible securities you can earn from on our trading module. We offer an extensive list of tradable products because we aim to ensure that both signal-sharing participants and their followers will be able to work in different financial markets.


Spreads refer to the difference between the bid and ask prices of certain assets. Normally, spreads on our copy trading module are low, which indicates good liquidity and medium volatility. When using copy trading service, you have to pay no more fees other than trading spreads.

Max leverage

Max leverage indicates the maximum amount a user on the module is allowed to borrow in order to have more funds available for trading and increase the potential returns and profits.


Commission is the percentage you will be required to pay for using our automatic copying services. The above-mentioned number refers to the commission per trading lot. We strive to implement customer-oriented conditions in order to help everyone level up their earnings from copying and sharing.


Execution means the way our engine will deal with the orders of the users. Our market execution means that we aim to provide precise execution that takes no longer than fractions of seconds.

Execution speed

Execution speed is a term that explains how much time our trading platform needs to process a single order from our trader. The faster the platform processes it, the more chances to gain profits under the expected conditions you have. As you see, PrimeXBT aims to ensure as fast execution as it’s technically possible.

Order types

Order types refer to the variations of requests our clients can make when buying or selling assets through our trading engine. With the available selection of order types, we aim to ensure that you will have the possibility to set different conditions, depending on the requirements of your trading style and plan.


Promo is a special offer of our copy trading platform that provides users with a good possibility to receive some additional perks for executing certain actions or participating in specific activities on the copy trading module.


Following is a feature that allows one group of users to attach their accounts to signal providers and start copying their trades, both successful and unsuccessful ones. Following allows doing this in an automatic mode.

Following min amount

Following min amount is the lowest sum of money a trader can have on his or her account required in order to enable them to duplicate strategies from the accounts of other traders. On the PrimeXBT copy trading platform, this minimum amount is the same as the minimum required deposit.

Following entry fee

Following entry fee is a specific type of non-trading commission charged to those who start following a new trader for the sake of copying his deals automatically on one’s trading account.

COV Utility

COV Utility is a special digital token issued by our copy trading module. It circulates within the decentralized ecosystem of the Covesting platform. The function of the COV token is to serve as a utility token that enables operation within the blockchain and also provides its holders with perks. One more purpose for which it can be used is staking on the yield account of the copy trading module. Learn more about how the COV utility token works and why buy it from our official website.