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Complete security of our clients is a prime priority for the team of the PrimeXBT trading platform.

How we protect your money

The cyber-security system of our trading platform integrates the most advanced digital tools and measure to guarantee the safety of funds and assets stored on users’ accounts. We are committed to the constant improvement of the cyber-security framework. On a regular basis, we assess the correspondence of its features of the strictest security standards.

Safety of assets on clients’ accounts is provided by:

  • 2-factor authentication erases the probability that your asset-storing account can be entered by somebody else who somehow gained access to your account password.

  • Mandatory Bitcoin address whitelisting feature
  • Cold wallets store digital coins that can be accessed only with special unique signature codes.
  • Hardware security modules with a rating of FIPS PUB 140-2 Level 3 or higher.
  • Verification of orders’ security during their placement.
  • SSL encryption makes traffic on the website secure.
  • Encryption of private data and cryptographic hashing of passwords.
  • Solutions to resist DDoS attacks and hacking attempts.
  • Amazon Web Services, which is widely regarded as one of the best cloud computing systems, hosts the digital ecosystem of our copy trading platform.

Safety of trading processes

Our primary goal is to ensure that the PrimeXBT copy trading solutions protect all your data and comply with the strictest cryptography and online security requirements. The solutions feature unique codes, which ensure proper performance during the order execution process. The work of these solutions is also committed to the verification of order safety during their placement. The combination of those features makes the copy-trading engine of PrimeXBT and the original platform itself one of the best copy-trading solutions in the industry in terms of security and execution.

Storage of Coins

Our clients have the possibility to safely store their digital coins in so-called cold wallets. Some crypto assets are available through online “Hot Wallets”, but Cold Storage is a safer and more popular option.
To ensure that funds will be in complete safety on cold wallets, we provide Multi-signature access. Transactions of assets from Cold Wallets to Hot Wallets are possible. But in order to facilitate security, we execute this operation through cooperation adjusted by several specialists from our company.


2Fa refers to 2-factor authentication. In simple words, this is a security measure of the two-step verification process. This measure ensures that the account cannot be accessed by a user if it doesn’t have access to two different factors of authentication. This method is much safer than just protecting your account with a password.
The biggest advantage of 2Fa over one-step verification is that it involves multiple stages of the access process. This means that even if your password gets hacked, a fraudulent will not enter your account without first gaining access to the second factor of verification.
2FA is mandatory on our platform. You will be asked to set up the system when registering your account. As a second authentication factor, we implement the TOTP solution, requiring a Google Authenticator app. The requirement of the Google Authenticator app adds another layer of security to the verification process.

Protection of the withdrawal process

Crypto Address Whitelisting is one of the systems we use to ensure the security of withdrawals processed from the accounts of our clients. Users can specify which crypto addresses can be considered safe for withdrawal.
This means that any operations that involve addresses of wallets beyond your whitelist will be suspended. This way PrimeXBT aims to ensure that even if your account is accessed by a fraudulent, the withdrawal will be impossible.
If you have any additional questions, you can always resolve the issues with our support team. For example, you might be willing to disable 2-factor authentication. Although we don’t recommend doing this, our specialists do provide such a service. Contact them at [email protected].